"SF’s most audacious chocolate shop" —Eater SF

Topogato is a modern online chocolate store offering distinct gourmet chocolate & sweet treats handmade in the heart of San Francisco.

Creativity is our main ingredient, from our mouth-melting chocolate truffles, to our deeply decadent gourmet chocolate bars and beyond.
Simon Brown, co-owner and chef of san francisco chocolate store Topogato making fresh gourmet chocolate treats.

We're passionate about creating decadent, deep-flavor experiences. Our curated treats take you and your loved ones many places; some new and inspiring, others nostalgic and comforting.

We pride ourselves about being "on another level when it comes to outlandish treats, pushing flavor and design to an unmatched level", according to SF food journalist & poet Paolo Bicchieri.

Gourmet chocolate bars and chocolate truffles arranged on a marble table from online chocolate store Topogato.Beginning as a way to comfort friends and family through local chocolate delivery, our growing menu of sweet treats now ship nationwide, and anyone in the US can order chocolate online to delight themselves or loved ones.

Founded in 2020 by two best friends: Simon Brown, a staple San Francisco pastry chef and chocolatier, and Beau Monroe, an artist and designer whose previous work you see daily on your local store's shelves.

Simon Brown & Beau Monroe, owners of San Francisco chocolate company Topogato.

Have a question? You may contact us at hello@topogato.com