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Gourmet chocolate & sweet treats handmade in San Francisco that comfort, delight, and inspire.

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A colorful arrangement of gourmet chocolate bars and dark chocolate truffles. Sweet treats shown from the top down, alongside a branded gift box from online chocolate store Topogato.
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New: Bourbon Snackers Bar

Bourbon Snackers Bar

Bourbon Snackers Bar


Introducing the Bourbon Snackers Bar: soft peanut nougat topped with a rich bourbon whiskey caramel and roasted peanuts, all coated in a 70% Dark chocolate shell.

A little nostalgic? Perhaps. Thoroughly delicious? Absolutely. Grab a Snacker and treat yourself!

One bar per pack.

Save 10% when you purchase four (or more!) Snackers bars. Discount applied automatically at checkout.

Dark Chocolate Truffles

Curated assortments of dark chocolate truffles with rich, mouth-melting fillings.

Gourmet Chocolate Bars

Handmade chocolate bars with deeply decadent fillings. Artfully painted with cocoa butter.

Easy Gifting

A chocolate gift card with imagery of gourmet chocolate by online chocolate store Topogato shown from the top down.

Topogato E-Gift Card


Tasteful gifting

They deserve handmade chocolate sweet treats.

Perfect for celebratory and thank you gifts, this e-gift card is conveniently sent to the recipient via email. The lucky receiver can easily order chocolate online.

Let them choose between our mouth-melting dark chocolate truffles, our deeply decadent gourmet chocolate bars, or our Deep Flavor Experience for a taste of it all.

Who needs more stuff? Get them chocolate delivery instead.

A hand holding two gourmet chocolate bars colored yellow and red, on top of a chocolate gift box.A top-down view of a chocolate gift box containing chocolate truffles beside gourmet chocolate bars. A simple flyer sits next to the sweet treats, with a logo of online chocolate store Topogato printed on it.A hand holding a dark chocolate truffle that has been bit open to reveal a decadent white chocolate ganache filling. Shown in front of a chocolate gift box.A top-down view of various gourmet chocolate bars. The sweet treats are colored red and white, and brown and gold.An up-close image of dark chocolate truffles in various colors, inside of a chocolate gift box.